A Classic Alternative Rock Station
The Original XX Deejays
The XX DJ's came from near and far to make the station happen. There were those that were there from the start and those that came later, but the spirit to "dare to be different" was there with all of them.  Now come meet the XX DJ's and see what they've been up to.

l to r: Cris WInter, Linda Drumm, Elton Spitzer, Denis McNamara, deb brady,
          Bob Studebaker, Garrett Hart, Paul Cramer

Meet The Staff

Promotions Director:
Maureen Cassidy Mihm

Office Manager:
Linda Drumm
Traffic Manager:
Charlene Demarco

Station Engineer:
Mike Guidotti
Asst. Engineer:
Bob Sharkey

Local Sales Manager:
Judy Smith

Original Station Owner:
Elton Spitzer

Fawn Birch

National Sales Manager:
Brian Brown

Program Director:
Denis McNamara

XX TodayHeading 1

 Paul Cramer

 DJ Bird
(On Hiatus)



Take A Tour Of The Original Home of XX

  1. Millvale, PA
    Millvale, PA
    Millvale, located on the sleepy side of the 40th Street Bridge, just across the river from too hip Lawrenceville.
  2. New Kensington, PA
    New Kensington, PA
    Our story does not start here. The transmitter was in New Kensington. Not the studios.
  3. Esther's
    One of the few stores that have not changed since XX was on the air.
  4. The Attic
    The Attic
    Another Millvale landmark where you might even find a XX album from the old library in their stacks of wax.
  5. The former Mellon Bank
    The former Mellon Bank
    This is where we used to literally RUN to cash our checks before the money was gone!
  6. Furniture?
    This amazing furniture store had the tackiest furniture in all of Pittsburgh
  7. Irony
    "Modern" furniture next door to a truly "modern rock" radio station.
  8. Cramer looks back at XX's old home
    Cramer looks back at XX's old home
    Outside the Millvale Pharmacy, which now also has a Pamela's inside it!
  9. Mr. Small's
    Mr. Small's
    These days Millvale is best known for the converted church known as Mr. Small's. Our story takes place in the 80's, when this was still a church.
  1. Let's go in...
    Let's go in...
    Time warp. 1986. Here we see Cris Winter entering the radio station.
  2. Next floor, Double X!
    Next floor, Double X!
    Let's follow DJ Bird up the stairs
  3. DJ's
    Just some DJ's hanging out in the street. Paul Cramer, Studebaker, Phil Kirzyc and new XX DJ Scott Bright.
  4. In The Air Studio
    In The Air Studio
    Here we see Cris again and not much of the studio but this is where we made the magic.
  5. The Door To Nowhere
    The Door To Nowhere
    We actually had a door that didn't go anywhere also.
  6. The rest of the magic takes place up there...
    The rest of the magic takes place up there...
    Thanks for letting us be the messenger.
  7. Millvale Lanes
    Millvale Lanes
    We had a bowling alley sharing the same floor. A door in our hall would let us in for illegal late night bowling!
  8. Enter if you dare to be different!
    Enter if you dare to be different!
    This was our front door
  9. Mixing Board
    Mixing Board
    Here is where we talk into the mic and twiddle the knobs, etc.