A Classic Alternative Rock Station

Paul Cramer

Hi everyone, it's been a long road since the XX days but I have always loved my music and still love bringing it to you!  After XX, I consulted and programmed X-15 in Monroeville, did shifts on "Modern Times" the WYEP alternative show, worked at a station in Salt Lake City, came back to NYC (my hometown) and produced a show there for syndicated radio.  When alternative rock came back to Pittsburgh (finally) I was there at 104.7 The Revolution and lastly at The X at 105.9 before they got all weird and sportslike!  After that I wrote a trade book, "The Encyclopedia of Modern Rock Artists" which was used worldwide in every major alternative rock station in the world as a go to guide for music information.  I wrote it because I was tired of hearing DJ's say all the wrong facts on the radio!  
I also started one of the first alternative rock online stations in the country called EAR.FM and ran that until 2010.   In 2011, I started a XX Facebook page and saw that there was still interest in the station that dared and before you knew it I created XX Radio and XX-2, online stations that you could listen to anytime at Live365.com  Since January of 2016 we moved XX Radio to Radionomy.com where you can hear XX classic broadcasts from the 80's and pretty soon some new shows with some of your favorite and new XX DJ's so keep listening!

I have recently been fortunate enough to be included in the upcoming documentary "Dare To Be Different", chronicling the story of WLIR and I will be representing WXXP and our part of new wave radio history as WLIR's sister station.  Look for its release soon!