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Phil Kirzyc

As far as what I've been doing since leaving XX,  it hasn't been pretty.  I was drunk and homeless for most of those years after getting kicked out of my mother's house which wasn't long after my wife and kids disowned me. 
Just kidding.  
But, I did some time with Scott Paulsen and Jim Krenn on the DVE morning show between '88 and '96 covering news, then sports and also a 7 to Midnight weekend airshift on WDVE.  I also began doing Steeler pre-game shows before all home games which I believe started the same year that Bill Cowher replaced Chuck Noll as the Steelers head coach around '91 or '92.  It's still a bit fuzzy due to the alcohol abuse!  (???????)
When DVE landed the broadcast rights for the Steelers in '99, I became the in-studio host for the pre, halftime and post game shows.   That lasted for about two years and then a 7-Midnight shift from 1996-2002.  In 2001, I began to do sports on Fox Sports Radio 970 and in 2002, a 10pm-2am shift was created for me where I stayed until 2013.  
~The Kielbasa Kid  
Phil Kirzyc has since moved down the dial to 99.3 FM, The Pickle Uniontown, PA where he does just what he did on XX, the morning show!