A Classic Alternative Rock Station

The Deejays

  1. DJ Bird and wife Janine outside of Stage AE at soundcheck
  2. Dave Reedy, DJ Bird & Garrett Hart
  3. Cris Winter and Garret Hart with Tony from Graffiti and Ron from Moondogs
  4. Debbie "Deej" Augustine w/new DJ Scott Bright & Paul Cramer
  5. The XX DJ's take the stage!
  6. Outside the original XX studios!  Paul, Bob, Phil & Scott
  7. Phil Kirzyc, XX Sales Director Judy Smith & DJ Bird
  8. Cris Winter & Garrett Hart with the club kings!
  9. Deej, Scott & Paul with the Mayor
  10. Paul, Bob & Phil outside of the XX studios in MIllvale
  11. Paul & Cris meet a fan with an original XX T-Shirt!
  12. DJ Bird watches the soundcheck
  13. The back of an original XX shirt as modeled by Deej!
  14. The DJ's: Bob, Paul, Bird, Cris, Phil, Garrett, Dave & Deej
  15. DJ Bird & Janine
  16. Cris, Dave and original XX intern Francine Liberto
  17. The DJ's sign our special cartoon poster
  18. Deej & friends by the merchandise table
  19. The Mayor reads the proclamation as Deej, Scott & Paul watch on
  20. Dave and Deej
  21. Dave Reedy tours dahn-tahn
  22. Deej and a fan
  23. Bird & Janine do a selfie
  24. Deej and more fans!
  25. A few more moments on stage with XX
  26. Mayor Bill Peduto & Paul Cramer
  27. Look Ma....it still fits!
  28. Paul outside of XX studios in Millvale